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Scorton C of E

Primary School

Wonderful Work

DT - Cooking

PE - Food Glorious Food!

We have been working together to produce a dance based on different recipes. First we highlighted all the action words in the recipe and came up with a movement to represent each action. Can you spot any of our actions? 

Rolling, stirring, chopping, sifting, mixing, blending, adding. 

Geography - Locational Knowledge

In Geography, we have explored the major countries and cities of the world. We used digimaps, e-books and internet research to find out some geographical information about different countries and their capital cities. For example, we found out that Mexico City is the capital city of Mexico, Mexico City has a population of around 22 million and is known as a megacity! 

A biome is a region that has a specific climate with animals and plants that are adapted to live there. We have explored different biomes (desert, taiga, savanna, tropics and more) and have created some 3D models in small groups. Can you spot the different ones?

English - Myths and Legends

Our English topic in Nicky Nook is myths and legends. This week, we have explored 'The Story of Gelert'. Each day, we discovered more and more about the story until we finally read the ending on Thursday; some of us were shocked that our predictions we made were wrong! We have done lots of comprehension, stepped into the paragraph to become Llewelyn and discussed the themes we can find in the story. 

This week, we have continued to explore the Story of Gelert. On Wednesday, we created story maps to help us to orally retell each part of the story. 

PE - Hockey

This afternoon, we had our hockey session with Josie. We practiced different passes and learnt more about the rules of hockey matches. We are improving our skills and developing our sportsmanship each week. 

Science - The Properties of Materials

In science, we have been exploring the properties of different materials. To complete our unit of work, we completed an investigation into separating mixtures. We used utensils like funnels, tweezers and sieves to separate raisins from flour.  

Home Learning - Reversible and Irreversible Changes

In home learning this week, we have shown off our understanding of reversible and irreversible changes. 


When designers work with fonts and layout, it is called typography. We have been investigating the different ways that words can help us to communicate ideas and emotions.