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Wonderful Work

DT - Structures: How are frames strengthened, reinforced and made rigid?

In DT, we have continued our Structures unit by creating a model shelter. Our design brief was that our structure had to fit a family of four and had to be stable. We have used the skills that we have learnt earlier in the unit to plan, build and evaluate our shelters. 

PE - Curling

In curling today, we played different games to try and improve our balance. We found out that it was very hard to raise one of our hands whilst sliding and used a beanbag to find out how important it is to have good posture on the ice! 

DT - Structures: How are frames strengthened, reinforced and made rigid?

In DT, we have been exploring a range of frames and investigated the way that they are reinforced and joined together. First, we experimented with different ways to join straws and then moved on to joining and reinforcing wooden frames. 

Art - Architecture

In Art, we have been exploring architectural houses. We began by sketching various different architectural homes to explore the different shapes, heights and design elements that are found in architectural homes. After our research, we designed and created our own architectural homes using cardboard and foam board. 

English - The Jabberwocky

We have created text-maps to help us to learn the poem, The Jabberwocky, off by heart. We used key words to created images that help us to remember each stanza. 


Click the play button bellow to listen to our memorised version of the poem. 

Nicky Nook - The Jabberwock

PE - Gymnastics

In PE, we have been perfecting our gymnastic sequences and incorporating apparatus. 

Art - Observational Drawing

Year five have been outside to practice creating sketches of their environment. They used the skills that they had learnt when creating landscapes to add details, texture and shading to their drawing. 

RE - Why is the Exodus such a significant event in Jewish and Christian history?

During Exodus, Jewish people celebrate and remember the events of Passover. Jewish people remember how the Angel of Death passed over the houses of people who were told to put lamb's blood above their doors. We have been exploring Exodus and Passover celebrations, including the grand meal that is eaten. 


The Passover is not forgotten because it is celebrated every year. Jewish people do things to help them remember Passover like eating the foods that would have been eaten then. 

- Orla M.


It is important to remember significant events because we can teach other people about the outcomes of them. We can also learn from them.

- Orla B


Exodus is important to both Jewish and Christian people because it is a time where we all think about how awful it was for the Israelites. We think about the plagues that were sent by God to the Pharaoh  and how the Israelite slaves were finally freed. 

English - The Jabberwocky

Should the boy go searching for the Jabberwocky? 

Nicky Nook went head-to-head to try and persuade each other whether the boy should try and find the Jabberwocky. We used evidence from the poem to infer outcomes, thoughts and feelings.

We are going to write a discussion text to demonstrate our decision!

PE - Gymnastics

In PE this week, we have been adapting our gymnastic sequences to incorporate some apparatus. We have challenged ourselves to work with different partners and Mrs Peters has been really impressed with how well we have worked together!

Music - Brass Lessons

The sun came out for our brass lesson this week! We started our lesson by going outside for our warm-ups and then we started to learn our new song: We Will Rock You by Queen.


Make sure to check our school videos page to see what we have been playing!

Computing - Databases

This week, we have been learning about databases. A database is a collection of data that is structured and is usually electronic. We have learnt about records and fields and looked at how easy it is to search, sort and group data using both paper and electronic databases. 

Computing - Crumbles

In Computing, we have been learning how to programme Crumbles. We have made a 'sparkle' light up, made a motor spin around and used switches to create (or stop) a continuous loop. 

Art - Landscapes

We have been exploring some of the different art techniques that we can use to create art work based on landscapes.

Science - Earth and Space

Our new topic in Science is Earth and Space. Today, we learnt about the different planets in our solar system, their order from the sun and their size in relation to one another. 

We have made some beeswax wraps using beeswax pellets and fabric. First, we had to melt the wax and used a brush to cover the fabric with the melted wax. Before it hardened, we ironed the fabric to make sure that the wax covered the entire cloth. Now they are dry, we can bend and fold them around our sandwiches to use them instead of tin foil or cling-film!

Computing - Video Production

This week, we have started our new unit of video production. We have been learning all about the features of video, different video techniques and we have been thinking about the content that we could produce for our own videos. 


This week we are developing our skills as artists by designing sets for theatre stages. In our first lesson, we explored charcoal to create dramatic effects. We also looked at the effects of light and shadow. 

Today, we have created our own sets using quotes from Macbeth. Can you recognise the different quotes? 

Music - Brass Lessons

In our brass lesson with Mrs Campbell, we have been learning to play two new songs called 'Arriba' and 'Cheesy feet'. We have also been learning to read and recognise different music notes. 

Scotland. Around 970 years ago. King Duncan is at war...

A huge deluge of rain poured down from the north and circled the two great armies as they faced each other on the snow covered heath. Silence fell; it seemed to hang in the air like fog. Whistling wind blew hard at their battered faces. Thunder cracked, there was no sound, just a dark eerie gloom. A lonely tree stood in the distance: the dark outline stood motionless. The cold wrapped around them like a thick blanket. Their breath created clouds as they rose into the ominous air. The battle begun.

- Luca


Cloaked in mist, the barren landscape of the heath stood motionless. A sense of foreboding circled the two armies. The bitter cold pierced the soldiers as they fell silent, ready. A wall of eerie quiet coiled around them, as if the world was holding its breath. Suddenly the birdsong stopped and the wind created a gap in the mist. The armies locked into the eyes of the other. The eternity of dreadful silence finally ended; someone stepped forward through the carpet of crunching snow. From his mouth, came a deafening roar. The battle began...

- Orla M


Ominous grey clouds made their way to the battle field. Silence fell as statues stood face to face. Their frosted fingers gripped their weapons as they waited. The ground sparkled with frost. The air was whistling and blowing yet still motionless. Every muscle tensed, ready and waiting to begin. Wind blew clouds of dust in between the empty space. Birds watched from tilted branches. They held their breath until suddenly King Duncan let out an almighty roar. The battle began. 

- Maisie



RE - Who was Jesus, Who is Jesus?

We have been discussing the questions: Who was Jesus? Who is Jesus? We first discussed the many different names we have heard for Jesus and begun to explore how these names would change or be used by Christians. Then, we decorated crosses to incorporate the different names that we know Christians call Him.

DT - Textiles: Which fabric is ideal for creating a functional and hardwearing lunch bag?

In textiles, we have explored the different properties of materials to create an effective lunch bag. We designed a lunch bag using recycled jeans and created a working product using a range of stitching techniques. 

Science - Forces

Our Science ambassadors are doing an amazing job of recording our learning and focusing on the key vocabulary on the working wall! Our current Science topic is forces and we have been developing our skills for working scientifically. 

We tested the effects of air resistance. First, we used scrunched up paper and flat paper and found that the scrunched up paper fell faster as there was less air resistance. Then, we went outside to rest air resistance whilst moving; we found that the most air resistance happened when we held the largest paper and moved the fastest. 

By altering the shape of plasticine, we can change the amount of water resistance. 

DT - Cooking

PE - Dance

We have been perfecting our dances based on cooking; we listened to the music and showed excellent expression, rhythm and dance technique whilst working on - and performing - our dances together. Lots of us also included elements of the Charleston in our dance, Mrs Peters was very impressed!

PE - Food Glorious Food!

We have been working together to produce a dance based on different recipes. First we highlighted all the action words in the recipe and came up with a movement to represent each action. Can you spot any of our actions? 

Rolling, stirring, chopping, sifting, mixing, blending, adding. 

Geography - Locational Knowledge

In Geography, we have explored the major countries and cities of the world. We used digimaps, e-books and internet research to find out some geographical information about different countries and their capital cities. For example, we found out that Mexico City is the capital city of Mexico, Mexico City has a population of around 22 million and is known as a megacity! 

A biome is a region that has a specific climate with animals and plants that are adapted to live there. We have explored different biomes (desert, taiga, savanna, tropics and more) and have created some 3D models in small groups. Can you spot the different ones?

English - Myths and Legends

Our English topic in Nicky Nook is myths and legends. This week, we have explored 'The Story of Gelert'. Each day, we discovered more and more about the story until we finally read the ending on Thursday; some of us were shocked that our predictions we made were wrong! We have done lots of comprehension, stepped into the paragraph to become Llewelyn and discussed the themes we can find in the story. 

This week, we have continued to explore the Story of Gelert. On Wednesday, we created story maps to help us to orally retell each part of the story. 

PE - Hockey

This afternoon, we had our hockey session with Josie. We practiced different passes and learnt more about the rules of hockey matches. We are improving our skills and developing our sportsmanship each week. 

RE - Life as a Journey or a Pilgrimage

In RE, we have been thinking about the idea that life is a journey. We have investigated the life journey of Jesus, our own life journey and thought about how a person's life journey may be different as a Christian. 

Science - The Properties of Materials

In science, we have been exploring the properties of different materials. To complete our unit of work, we completed an investigation into separating mixtures. We used utensils like funnels, tweezers and sieves to separate raisins from flour.  

Home Learning - Reversible and Irreversible Changes

In home learning this week, we have shown off our understanding of reversible and irreversible changes. 


When designers work with fonts and layout, it is called typography. We have been investigating the different ways that words can help us to communicate ideas and emotions.