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School Logo

Scorton C of E

Primary School

Our Vision

The Vision of the Bowland Federation of Schools is:



We reach up to God to show us the way



We reach inside for the courage and wisdom of the Holy Spirit, to help us reach our goals



We reach out to everyone with the kindness and compassion of Jesus





Our Vision is based on this verse from one of Paul’s letters to the Phillippians. Paul is talking about how he is determined to reach his goal of eternal life through Jesus.

We know that we are all called to run the race that God has set before us. Every Christian has a specific purpose that God Himself has called them to achieve. Each has their own unique goal to attain and that goal is chosen by God, for it is God who works in each of us to help us do what pleases him.

We know that each one of our children is unique and that God has a plan for each of them. We encourage every member of our school family to strive to reach God’s goal, putting mistakes behind them, just like Paul and reaching for success.

This applies not just to our children’s spiritual life but to their lives as learners – we don’t give up when things get tricky, we are resilient and resourceful and we press on towards our goals. 


Educating for wisdom, knowledge and skills

We will foster in our children a life-long love of learning. We will nurture individual talents to create active, adventurous learners who are confident in themselves and their abilities .

Educating for hope and aspiration

Our children will be reflective, resilient and resourceful learners. They will see difficulties as learning opportunities and face them with wisdom and creativity, knowing there is no limit to what they can achieve.

Educating for community and living well together

Our school families will flourish together because our children will know the true value of friendship and community. Our schools will be places where everyone feels accepted, loved and affirmed.

Educating for dignity and respect

Within our collaboration, there will be a commitment to valuing the preciousness of each person. We will react to the needs of each child, nurturing their unique potential , fostering their independence and allowing them to discover their own strengths and passions.

Our schools will:

  • Confidently articulate, live out and promote a deeply Christian vision
  • Be good neighbours in our community, the UK and the world
  • Promote courageous advocacy in respect of the needs of local community, the UK and the world
  • Ensure that values of personal dignity and respect are evident in our thoughts, words and actions
  • Determine and apply our rules fairly, clearly and consistently to the benefit of our whole school family

Our pupils will:

  • develop the knowledge and skills they need to lead happy and fulfilled lives
  • discover and grow their unique strengths and abilities
  • thrive, whatever their physical or learning needs may be
  • learn how to be personally and emotionally resilient
  • feel safe and be able and encouraged to share their thoughts, feelings and anxieties
  • have faith in God’s ongoing love

Our staff will:

  • foster a happy, inclusive, resilient learning environment where children can be themselves and develop at their own pace and in their own style
  • be active learners themselves, seeking our and sharing ideas about best practice
  • embrace opportunities to develop professionally
  • celebrate diversity, building our children’s cultural capital
  • actively further the aspirations of our learners
  • give our children opportunities to consider life’s big questions
  • model God’s love and compassion for everyone

           Our Headteacher will:

  • nurture, support and guide our children and staff enabling them to flourish
  • have a strategic vision, shared with the Governing bodies, for the direction and development of the schools
  • have a clear focus on the acquisition of wisdom, knowledge and skills
  • be well-informed on best practice and share ideas with staff effectively
  • effectively lead staff development and succession planning
  • model God’s love and compassion for everyone

Our Governors will:

  • set a clear, strategic vision, built on Christian foundations
  • ensure strategic and effective use of the schools’ resources
  • engage in effective long-term planning
  • actively question, encourage, challenge and support
  • consider the ethical implications of the policies they discuss
  • model God’s love and compassion for everyone

Our Clergy will:

  • enable and encourage the local church to enrich the life of the school
  • work together with the school to respond to the needs of the local community
  • model God’s love and compassion for everyone